Wild Game Processing

Lone Star Fur Dressing and Taxidermy offers wild game processing.

• Each animal guaranteed to be processed individually.
• For best results, field dress but do not skin your animal.
• We offer field dressing for $50 fee and will be due up front.
• Processing fee $120 is due at time of drop off.
• Remainder of balance will be due at time of pick up.
• All meat must be picked up within 30 days of completion. Arrangements can be made if needed for a storage fee. If client fails to pick up or make arrangements Lone Star Fur Dressing and Taxidermy reserves the right to donate the meat.


Basic Processing Pricing

Regular Processing Fee: $120
Quartered Deer Fee:      $85
Choose from the following:
Back Strap (whole, steak, tenderize) Hams (whole, steak, roast, tenderize)
Sausage is an additional fee
Smoked Ring          $4.75/lb.
Dried                $5.75/lb.
Pan                  $4.25/lb.
Pan links            $8.00/lb.
Chorizo              $4.25/lb.
Summer               $4.75/lb.
Slim Jim’s           $8.00/lb.
Jerky                $9.00/lb.

(you can choose from regular, spicy, cheese, jalapeno, jal/cheese)

*** we can customize any sausage with anything you would like***

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