Tanning & Dressing Hides

We offer wholesale and retail tanning

Dry Tan

• This tan makes the hide Soft and pliable
• Used rugs, pillows, purses, etc.

Wet Tan

• Used for Taxidermy
• We wash the hides so when you receive them, there is no need to soak them, they will be ready to mount
• Prices vary on animal, full price list available upon request

Turnaround times

• Depends on size of order and current workload. Please call us for current time frame
• 50% rush fee- guaranteed back in 4 weeks or less

Hide Preparation

Lone Star Fur Dressing and Taxidermy offers full service hide prep, included in the overall fee. This includes turn and split the eyes, lips and ears, as well as remove foot bones and skulls. Lastly, the hide is both fleshed and salted.

When shipping hides to be hide prepped, please follow these guidelines

• Taxidermist must code hide so you know who the hide belongs to when you get them back.
• Tag the animal with a wooded or waterproof tag with Taxidermist information. Tag at the back of the animal, at least 1 inch from the edge, making your cut horizontal.
• When the hide is returned to you, it will be in a clear bag with your legible tag.
Do Not Salt and Freeze the hide. Salt prevents complete freezing and can make prepping difficult. Just place the hide in a bag and freeze it.
• Once the hide is completely frozen, place in container of your choice and pack with dry ice
• Ship at the beginning of the week so that the package is not left in a warehouse facility over the weekend.

For questions on shipping a labeling, please contact us at 325-423-0521

We take hides in person, Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm. If outside these hours call to make arrangements for drop off.

Price list – contact for price list –

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